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About G Care Consultants

dignity-in-dementiaOur lead consultant is Gary Woodward and had been involved in the care sector for over 25 years. We at G Care Consultants value career development.  It's for this reason that we offer a number of different training courses, across subject areas such as management training, Dignity and person centered care, all Health and Safety issues, Communication, Organisational systems and personal development.

We have a team of highly trained, very experienced specialists in place to meet your every requirement.

Some of our courses we regularly run include:

  • Induction Training - We have a variety of induction training options, from working with senior staff to mentor new staff with a series of workbooks to a full induction program with all the relevant mandatory training. As with all our training we can work on site or arrange convenient locations to meet your training requirements.
  • Health & Safety - A full program of Health and Safety training is available, from 1/2 day Health and safety awareness, Coshh, Infection control, to full day First aid & Food hygiene (at a variety of levels) Manual handling for new and existing staff (units A-B and A-F) ,Safe administration of medication and Fire awareness and evacuation
  • Dignity and Person centred care - We have a fantastic range of training on working with dementia, autism, learning disability and mental health. We can run workshops, deliver group training or even work with you to develop bespoke training for individual needs. We run a variety of training sessions looking at person centered care, mental capacity, safeguarding and Dignity and Values.
  • Management and Personal development - As well as mandatory training for the care sector we can offer all the developmental training that your management and staff might require. Developmental training includes Time Management, Managing Conflict, Effective Recruitment, Supervision and Appraisal, Disciplinary Process and Effective Communication